For Providers

Encore Telemedicine specializes in connecting physicians, nurse practitioners, physicians assistants and other providers to patients online. Encore Telemedicine bridges the gap between clinics, employers, health systems and other organizations that have patients that would like to take advantage of the convenience and efficiency that Telehealth provides. 
It is our goal to help our providers see patients online with as little hassle as possible. We provide a HIPAA compliant software that providers can use to perform online virtual health consultations.

Additional Benefits for Medical providers to practicing online:


Convenient and Easy to Use

Work on a laptop, tablet or even you cellphone from anywhere!

Increased Revenue

See more patients in less time. Decrease wait times, free up office staff and see patients in your spare time.

Better Patient Care

The patients have easier access to care and avoid catching illness by seeing quality providers without having to go the E.R. unless deemed necessary by the telehealth provider.

Cost Effective

No upfront cost to the provider- just let us know what your specialties and availability are and we will take care of your credentials and compliance paperwork!

If you are interested in learning more about how you can see patients online please click on the button below and someone will get in contact shortly: