Do you need Telemedicine coverage for your private practice, community mental health, hospital or other healthcare organization?

Encore Telemedicine connects healthcare organizations with telehealth providers. If you need a no hassle connection to providers who want to see patients online, Encore Telemedicine can find the right provider for you.

Online consultations are an efficient and innovative way for healthcare organizations to improve the cost of care and reach more patients. Encore Telemedicine specializes in staffing fully credentialed medical professionals across specializations to provide online consultations to your patients. Increase your total billable hours by implementing Telehealth. From general practice to psychiatry, we have providers that want to see your patients!

 Empower your Organization

  • No upfront cost to your organization, we do a revenue split of billable hours

  • Generate revenue- get billable hours you used to refer away

  • Reduce healthcare costs

  • Increase access to care

  • Improve productivity and achieve better patient outcomes

  • Better patient care collaboration

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